Barys - Sibir Coaches' comments
26 February 2024

Barys - Sibir Coaches' comments

Press conference with the head coaches of the teams was held after the Barys - Sibir match (1:0).


Sergei Krivokrasov, acting head coach of Sibir

- The game was essentially in high gear. I think we played very well, but the execution let us down. There are no questions about the dedication. The boys did a great job, they gave a hundred percent. As the saying goes, he who scores one more goal wins. That wasn't us today.

- Were the experiments you planned for next season successful today?

- No. Absolutely not. We don't look that far ahead. We're focusing on what's going to happen today.

- Anton Khudobin is a Kazakhstan native. What is his role in the locker room and on the team?

- He was a leader in the locker room. In his time he played at the highest level, achieved great results. Helped Antokha (Krasotkin - author) unequivocally and helped the guys in the locker room. Did a lot of things, just happened to not play much. Nevertheless, he did a great job by passing on his experience to the younger guys.


Oleg Bolyakin, acting head coach of Barys

- It was a good game, a sharp one. There were quite a few chances on both sides. The goalies played well. Our fans have been waiting for a victory. 1:0 is a victory, although there were more chances for us and our opponents. Unfortunately, the season is already over for us. I wish, of course, that the season could have gone on much longer and lasted much longer. But it is what it is. Now we will analyze all the mistakes that have been made. We will talk, discuss, and we will complete the team for next season.

- What is the ingredient for today's success?

- It's because we have great fans, I've always said that. Very good atmosphere, the fans always support the team, no matter how the game turns out. The fact that the guys fought tonight, basically, they fight in all games. Everyone is well aware that we have a shortage of players due to injuries. That's why we lacked in implementation, a little bit of freshness. Good thing we won today.

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