RULES OF CONDUCT IN SPORTS FACILITIES (for hockey matches of the KHL, VHL and MHL)

These Rules define the norms of behavior of spectators in sports facilities when attending hockey matches held in the territory of the Russian Federation and the territory of foreign countries where a "home" match of a foreign club is held.


  1. In order to ensure the safety of certain categories of spectators, the match organizer may introduce special conditions for attending the match for these categories with mandatory notification of the decision made by the administration of the sports facility, law enforcement agencies, spectators before the start of the sale of entrance tickets;

  2. The entrance to the sports facility implies the acceptance and voluntary execution by the spectators of these Rules, valid for the entire time of their stay in the sports facility;
    Spectators who do not comply with the Rules, as well as persons with the effective court's decision on an administrative ban on visiting the venues of competitions in accordance with the legislation, are not allowed to enter the sports facility or are expelled from it without reimbursement of the entrance ticket cost, and they are brought to administrative or criminal responsibility in cases of committing illegal actions;

  3. The match organizer has the right to take photos and videos of the audience in order to prevent illegal activities; Violation of these Rules by the spectator is the basis for the match organizer and the administration personnel of the sports facility to consider the issue of denial of access to the sports facility for the violator during other hockey matches.


  1. To enter the sports facility before and during the match provided the availability of entrance tickets, season tickets, invitations, and other documents of the established sample. The start time of the passage to the sports facility is determined by a joint decision of the match organizer, the administration personnel of the sports facility and law enforcement agencies. The number of passes of a spectator with an entrance ticket, season ticket, and other types of documents to the sports facility during one match shall be determined by the administration of the sports facility; To use all the services provided by the match organizers and the administration of the sports facility;
  2. To bring to the stands of sports facilities and to use:
  • Tobacco products and lighters, provided they are used only in designated smoking areas, 
  • Attributes officially sold by Clubs in sports facilities