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We are glad to welcome you in the Anti-corruption section on the official website of the Barys Hockey Club. Barys Hockey Club PI strives to build transparency and intolerance to manifestations of corruption in the Club. The Club has appointed Compliance officer, developed and implemented measures for prevention of corruption offenses, providing comprehensive and systematic measures to improve internal documentation, conduct anti-corruption monitoring and analysis, and train employees in the anti-corruption legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main tasks of the Compliance Officer include:

  1. Ensuring compliance with the basic principles, implementation of anti-corruption measures;
  • Effective implementation of the system of measures to combat corruption in the Club;
  • Anti-corruption monitoring, identification, assessment and reassessment of corruption risks in the Club's activities;
  • Formation of anti-corruption culture in the Club.

If you have become aware of:

  • Upcoming or accomplished facts of corruption, fraud and embezzlement;
  • Abuse of official position and abuse of authority by officials;
  • Commission of other actions that cause or may cause material damage or harm the business reputation of the Barys Hockey Club PI, please immediately inform by phone

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