Ak Bars - Barys 5:3
04 November 2023

Ak Bars - Barys 5:3


In the final game of the roadstand series, Barys lost to Ak Bars, leading by three goals.

The Astana training staff made two lineup changes. Vsevolod Logvin was announced as the 13th forward instead of defenseman Kirill Nikitin. Andrei Shutov took the gates right from the start. Guests started the game impressively, and already on 41 seconds Pontus Åberg surprised Artur Akhtyamov with a shot from a zero angle. Then Joseph LaBate shined his own mastery and hit the top corner of Kazan's net. And David Sklenička converted the power play for Barys.

After this goal, Ak Bars training staff replaced the puckstopper - Timur Bilyalov entered the game. And this move shook up the hosts - even before the break Dmitrij Jaskin got one puck back. At the beginning of the second period Dmitry Yudin hit Andrei Shutov for the second time with an aimed shot from the blue line. The final third was under complete control of the hosts. Yashkin and Yudin converted the double, and Dmitry Katelevsky completed Ak Bars' comeback.

On November 7, Galym Mambetaliev's wards will play again with Ak Bars, but on the home ice.

Ak Bars - Barys 5:3 (1:3, 1:0, 3:0)

0:1 - 00:41 - Åberg (Nozier)

0:2 – 06:38 – LaBate

0:3 – 14:05 – Sklenička (Åberg) PPG

1:3 – 16:45 – Jaskin (Radulov, Lyamkin)

2:3 – 25:12 – Yudin (Semyonov)

3:3 – 40:57 – Jaskin (Shipachyov, Lyamkin)

4:3 – 42:35 –Yudin (Semyonov, Zhuravlyov)

5:3 – 54:28 – Katelevsky (Lyamkin)

Puckstoppers: Akhtyamov (Bilyalov, 14:05-60:00) - Shutov

Tatnyeft-Arena 8118 viewers


General Partner of Barys HC – Samruk Kazyna SWF JSC

Partner of HC Barys - Fund for the Support of the Tourism and Sports Industry CF

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