Barys - Metallurg. Trainer's comments
30 November 2023

Barys - Metallurg. Trainer's comments

After the match Barys – Metallurg (5:2) a press conference was held with the Head Trainers of both teams.


Andrei Razin, Metallurg Head Trainer

- Firstly, congratulations to Barys on their victory. The spirit was unbelievable today. The Barys team played very disciplined, plus the puckstopper helped us out at the right time. There were chances when we could have clinched it. But, unfortunately, that didn't happen. On the other hand, we had to get down to earth. Because so many victories, let's just say they get boring, and it's very difficult to motivate the guys for games like this. They look at the standings and think the opponent will give the game away on their own. We have a home series with good opponents ahead of us. That's why we needed this defeat.

- Matches between Barys and Metallurg are always uncompromising, one goal difference or overtime. What does that have to do with it?

- There are no weak opponents right now, and every team goes out and gives their all. Those games were really tough, especially the first one when we were in a tough spot. The successful series started just with a win over Barys. Here very often it is not skill but discipline that decides the outcome. Today Barys had everything at the highest level, we not so much.

- How did Nikita Mikhailis and Valery Orekhov fit into the team?

- I've been seeing Nikita Mikhailis for a long time. I really like him as a hockey player, besides being a master, he's not afraid of roughing it. He's very hard-working, double-strung, the man has a second wind, and he can calmly get the puck into someone else's zone when the entire top five is practically full. It took him a long time to fit in with the team. He had to get used to it, we've been looking for partners for a long time. Things have fallen into place for them in recent games. A lot of things were working, they were scoring a lot. Valera Orekhov is the same, the guy is very talented. With good skating, with good court vision, with a wrist shot. Everything is there to develop. The only thing is, he was mentally stiff. The fact that we found him a pair with Yegor Yakovlev, it liberated him. But still, Astana is shaking him up.


Galym Mambetaliyev, Acting Barys Head Trainer

- The guys played well today, disciplined, most importantly. Used chances, the powerplay. We played all three games with a good attitude.

- Today's first squad was made up of Kazakhstan players. Is it always going to be like this?

- At the moment this link is the leader, it is scoring in every game. That's why they're first in the lineup.

- Status on the injured, when will they be back?

- Daniyar recovers, starts skating. LaBate also had back pain there, he wasn't at yesterday's practice. Ready to go on the trip, I think. Gurkov has poisoning, we were planning to put him in the game today.

- Two goals were scored from the top today. Did you specially rearrange the powerplay, or was it just situational?

- We have analyzed the opponent, how they defend. Guys negotiate, talk amongst themselves. More proven guys play on the power play, they hold the puck well, give accurate passes. They see the court well, move fast, throw fast. That's when they scored their goals.

- How do you plan to rectify the situation to get into the top eight?

- We trust the guys to show their best hockey. We don't lock them up, we let them play freely. But we need to play with discipline and fulfil the set-up for the game. If they play like that every game, with the same attitude, everything will happen and the wins will come.

- What do you think of Khenkel's game?

- Not bad going into the game. Solid defenceman. I think he played a pretty good game.

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